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Creative's Chronicler was created to connect you with the right representatives and inspiring affiliate marketers to grow your brand to its fullest potential as well as in-depth reliable information on the latest business trends and growth strategies to assist you in growing your brand.
This Week's Featured Articles:

Every business owner knows that in today's digital environment, it is important to have an effective search engine tool that assists in optimizing your platforms to maximize your reach and direct web traffic where you need it to go.
Below is a list of the top 3 free SEO tools that help drive traffic towards your website and why you should use them!
To kick thing's off, you need an effective keyword generator such as: Google Keyword Planner, it’s a simple and free way to find new keyword opportunities related to a specific term in your industry and a given bonus is it also shows potentially related keywords and their search volumes. The next step in generating more traffic is directly linked to the performance of your site, we have all experienced frustration at one point or another when visiting a site such as loading speed, meta tags, links etc.. now, there are many great tools to have in order to ensure that your site doesn't have a lot of technical flaws such as: SEO Web Page Analyzer, which is an on-page analysis tool to understand how technical elements, links and more are affecting a given page. The reason this specific tool is so great is that it gives you an SEO score from 1 to 100, but the real value is its ability to layout the problem areas in a clear-cut report. Last but never the least, having the ability to monitor your site overall and for this you'll want to see it as Google does meaning you will need Google Search Console also known as GSC for short. It provides its users a snapshot of their site's performance including organic search traffic, link data, and issues impacting the site so you can "make your site shine" in the search results.  

Need to do a few designs but not sure where to find the best tools for the job? Below are three FREE design tools that you should have:

1) Vectr: This is a graphic design software for creating different projects – from t-shirt prints to full-fledged graphics for websites. Vectr has a simple and intuitive interface, allows you to export created files in real-time.

The Pros:
> Cross-platform and browser versions.
> Intuitive, easy to use interface.
> Easy project sharing.
> WordPress integration.

The Cons:
> None! It's a beneficial tool to have across the board.

2) SVGator: This is a specialized toolset for creating vectors.
SVGator is a user-friendly program for drawing SVGs. You can open a free SVG maker in any popular browser and start your creative workflow. The interface is absolutely clear and you will easily figure out how to use the provided functions to draw ideal lines and shapes with minimum effort on your part.

The Pros:
> Intuitive feature set.
> Vector-oriented tools.
> Drawing options.
> Detailed tutorial.

The Cons:
> Unfortunately there are no mobile versions available.

3) DesignCap: DesignCap has a huge collection of professionally made templates.
This tool offers a platform that invites you to create unique and professional-looking banners and flyers with the help of the included templates and visual assets. This website provides an array of advanced editing features that let you customize nearly anything about your designs including size, placement, angle, text font, color, effects, background, and much more.

The Pros:
> Large selection of templates for infographics, charts, presentations, banners, etc.
> Integrated fonts, figures, and backgrounds.
> Advanced editing and customization features.

The Cons:
> The software does lack some additional tools that would be beneficial to your design process.
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